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Our new home is finally taking shape after the renovation work. It is such a great feeling to see all our plans coming together and knowing we can (hopefully) move in at the end of this week. After living out of a suitcase on a sofabed the last 6 months, it sure will be good to finally have a home again!!

On the blog today I wanted to share a few images from the renovations along with the ‘before and after’ floorplans with you (further down in the blogpost). We made quite a few changes to the original layout to maximize the use of the space. It has been so fun to create a home that truly fits our lifestyle and needs. Our focus was to make smart storage solutions to keep it clutter-free as well as making sure it will be a practical home that suits our needs, but the biggest aim was to make it a cozy space we will be able to enjoy for years to come.

First, here are a few images of the space from the renovation process. This is not only the first home we have purchased but also the first time we have been able to plan and do any sort of renovation work so it was a bit of a scary process. We made all the floorplans and 3Ds ourselves along the way to make sure we got it just right and managed to find a great building company in the area that could do all the work for us. We have learned and had to make changes to our original plans, but now when we see it come alive we are very happy with how it all turned out.

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When it comes to the floorplan layout, it was quite a typical Italian apartment from the 1970s which meant it has a high ceiling and a long corridor/hallway running through the whole space. We decided to take off a part of this corridor as it was a bit of dead-space, but one of the things I wanted to keep was a part of it as a hallway area at the entrance. This is something I have discovered is not that common here as many people keep their shoes on at home. For me, having a hallway to put the shoes and hang the jackets was a must – something I have missed in previous homes we have rented.

scandinavianfeeling home renovations floorplan before

Another big thing we changed was the location of the kitchen. Previously it was in a small room near the entrance, but we love cooking and eating so a big kitchen area was something we had to create. The apartment original had two bedrooms, but we decided to use one of the bedrooms as a living area and instead put a large open space kitchen + dining area where the livingroom was before. This meant we opened a part of the wall between these two rooms and also closed off a door we didn’t really need to create a cozy sofa corner. It also meant the previous kitchen room could be used for something else, and we decided to put a wall and door in the middle to create two separate small areas. The first will have storage on each side, the other will be our laundry room. Having a laundry space was also something that was important to me. In our old apartment, I had to hang clothes to dry in the bedroom, iron in the livingroom and since I work from home it always felt like the apartment was a mess. Now having a separate laundry, the “mess” and piles of laundry that has to be ironed will be out of sight during the day while I work and clothes can be hanging to dry without being seen. Also, having a separate laundry with the washing machine makes space for more storage in the bathroom so a win-win.

In the bedroom, we decided to create a new half-wall as a bit of a feature wall behind the bed but also to separate the space. This meant we could use the whole wall behind it as a walk-in wardrobe which is another thing I always wanted to have. We have a few ideas for the large wall opposite the bed but not anything final yet (although the plan to have a projector for cozy movie nights in is high on the list…)

scandinavianfeeling home renovations floorplan after

As you can see from the above, the changes we have done have opened up the space and made it more convenient for us. I love how airy and bright the apartment is now we made the changes. The ceiling is 3 meters, most of the walls have been painted white and new flooring has been put in all the rooms. The only room we haven’t made any changes to (yet) is the bathroom. Although it is brand new it is not completely my style… However, our tight budget meant that we have decided to keep it as it is for now.

I could go on and on, but I think it will all make more sense once I share actual images of the space for the rest. I will be going into more details on our decisions for each space when it comes to layout and pieces of furniture as well as sharing room reveals when the home is finished (which will take a while as we are planning to live in it and make addition along the way), so stay tuned!

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// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad

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    February 28, 2019

    Ahh looks very nice…
    love those high ceiling and …wow a Laundry room is my main dream…
    I wish I had one here in London…
    Can’t wait to see more of this lovely flat!