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scandinavianfeeling home bedroom wardrobe

We took a while to plan and start on our wardrobe in the new home. To be honest, our first idea was to use the popular PAX system from Ikea, but after seeing the space and thinking more about it we realized it would not fit as good as we had hoped. Our bedroom has a half wall between the bed and the wardrobe space creating an open walk-in closet area. This is a great way to utilise the space, while also keeping the bedroom clutter-free, but it also makes it difficult to find the right solution. So luckily, we discovered the new and easy adaptable PLATSA modular system and fell in love with it.

A few reasons for our choice:

  • It is highly flexible, meaning it is easy to optimise it for your space. You can use the online planner to design your storage combination before purchasing.
  • Each unit can be combined into small, big and customised solutions to fit your specific needs.
  • You can choose different colours, legs and handles for your modular wardrobe to customize it to create your unique version.
  • It was cheaper than PAX (a big bonus for us as we are on a tight budget.)
  • The wardrobe is easy to move because it is not fixed to the space, making it easy in the future if we ever want to change or bring it with us to a new home. This system is, for instance, perfect if you are renting!
  • It utilises the ‘click and snap’ system, which means no traditional screws and therefore makes it easier and faster to assemble and disassemble it.

Here you can see a floorplan of the bedroom to get a better idea of the space as well as the wardrobe we drew on the Ikeas website. The wardrobe space has an entry on each side, his and hers, and the wardrobe is mirrored so we both have 3 separate units.

Measurements: the total space behind the wall is 115cm. The wardrobe itself is 55cm which gives 60cm for us to stand and move around – for us it works great.

scandinavianfeeling home plan wardrobe bedroom

As the wardrobe is behind the wall and therefore a bit difficult to take photos of, here are a few sneak-peaks of it. I am also in the process of filling it and styling it so will fill you in once I add more organisation items. What do you think?

scandinavianfeeling home bedroom wardrobe close

scandinavianfeeling home bedroom wardrobe full

scandinavianfeeling home bedroom wardrobe platsa

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad


8 Responses

  1. Hi, can you tell me what depth you used. I know the maximum depth they do is 55cm so wanted to check how well the hangers actually fit. I can in you photo that the clothes protrude a little and I am planning on having doors so am a little concerned

    1. Hi Stephen! The depth is the standard max of 55cm and the hangars do fit good. The clothes does hang out a bit you are right, but I would imagine with doors it will be ok – if you have the possibility to go to Ikea and see in store I would just to make sure you are happy with it since I don’t have doors and can’t say 100% :)

  2. Hi Ingrid, it looks great! I’m so glad I came across your design. I was wondering how tall your wardrobe is and how you managed to insert 6 drawers. The Ikea Platsa design system only gives me an option for three drawers unless I put a smaller frame under with additional drawers. In that case, I couldn’t be sure if the weight on the smaller frame is going to be too much and the whole system not stable enough. Thanks.

  3. Hi Ingrid! How did you manage to add 6 drawers on top of each other?
    I couldn’t find it in IKEA’s planner. Thanks!

  4. Most Ikea stores do not have stocks of Platsa wardrobes and on asking staff when they will be available in Australia they haven’t a clue and fob you off .

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