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my scandinavian home_floor

A little home update; we have now been living in our new flat for about three weeks and love it. Even though there are still so much to get in place we have already managed to get it quite homely. I thought I would share a couple of images with you to show some of the details. More to follow when we are more settled in!

my scandinavian home_ikea-knagglig-hack

A temporary solution I have done is to use the KNAGGLIG wooden boxes from IKEA as nightstands. This has worked really well when putting them sideways, and as you can see here I have placed books and magazines inside while using the top to store anything like my glasses, jewellery and so on. This is a cheap and great way to have a unique nightstand while hunting for the perfect one.

my scandinavian home_cocolapine-mountain-ABC

One of the things I was really excited about purchasing was the Mountain ABC by Coco Lapine. It’s something that has been on my wishlist for so long, and I am so happy to finally have it. I found the perfect black frame for it at IKEA, the RIBBA 50cm x 70cm. It still needs to go up on the wall though as it is quite bare at the moment but it also looks quite nice standing on the ground.

my scandinavian home_shelf-ikea-vittsjö

Something else I have been drooling over is the new VITTSJÖ shelving unit from IKEA. It has black metal frames and glass surfaces which makes for an open and airy feel. A great display unit that can easily be built upon if we ever need to. A little tip; always go and check out the bargain corner when visiting IKEA! We went to buy this exact shelf, and was lucky to find that someone had returned their’s which meant we could get it 30% off even though it was brand new.

my scandinavian home_sofa-pillows

The flat is quite white and clean, so I have added a bit of colour with some pillows. The yellow one is by Maisons Du Monde, and the Norwegian pattern one is my own design which can be purchased here.

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad


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