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Looking for a new coffee table? I have collected my favourite 20 Scandinavian design coffee tables for the perfect Nordic look in your home. Think minimal, stylish, sculptural and a true focal point in your home.

1 // The Around table from MUUTO is an instant classic you will find in many homes, and it is not difficult to understand why. Both simple and vibrant, these wooden tables can be arrange individually or in a group to create a unique look that is both refined and functional. The tables come in three sizes with eight different finishes to suit any interior style.

MUUTO is a Scandinavian design company that, together with leading designers, creates original products with new perspectives. The result is an innovative collection of Nordic furniture, lighting and accessories for modern interiors worldwide.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables muuto around

2 // The Rebar coffee table from HAY explores the possibilities of reconsidering construction materials and processes. With its industrial steel bar frame and elegant black marble tabletop, the table has a balanced aesthetic. This union of different structures gives it an interesting and distinctive character, making it a timeless classic.

Inspired by the stable structures of architecture and the dynamics of fashion, HAY combines the values of both industries in durable, quality products that provide added value for the user. HAY’s continued vision is to create straightforward, functional and aesthetic design in cooperation with some of the world’s most talented, curious and courageous designers.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables hay rebar

3 // Tableau Stone by Space Copenhagen for Fredericia Furnitures is a sculptural table that gracefully merges geometric lines and curves. The effortless elegance is enhanced by a classic material imbued with its own innate sense of exclusivity. Stone adds a tactile quality to the tables, where each piece features unique, subtle differences in surface patterns.

Founded in 1911, Danish furniture maker Fredericia Furnitures has continuously prided itself on excellent Danish craftsmanship with a deep respect for tradition. They collaborate with a carefully chosen circle of international designers, all renown for their exceptional level of design integrity, all with the ambition of creating contemporary design that is always beautifully crafted, relevant and aesthetically intriguing.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables fredericia tableau

4 // Secant coffee table by Warm Nordic is an elegant table that combines a sculptural metal frame with a coloured glass top, specially selected marble or Norwegian granite. The special signature of the coffee table is its elegant finish where soft curves are contrasted by a straight line. Secant is a coffee table with personality and its aesthetics and exclusive material choice embellish its surroundings and make a statement in your living room.

Warm Nordic features both a classic collection and a contemporary collection. Together the two collections illuminate the quality of Scandinavian design and its independence from time and generations. Warm Nordic provides design-lovers with a passion for classic Scandinavian interiors with new, high quality choices.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables warmnordic secant

5 // The Key table designed by GamFratesi for Hem, is a feat of nuanced engineering. Available in ash or walnut, its solid tabletop rests atop a delicate tripod of either black or white metal legs. Light and modern, the Key is both an eye-catching and pivotal addition to virtually any space, and can be assembled without tools in just under thirty seconds!

Hem is a Stockholm-based independent design brand creating a new generation of furniture, accessories and lighting. Together with vanguard designers and renowned European manufacturers, Hem crafts iconic products for homes and workplaces all around the world.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables hem key

6 // The PI table designed by Anderssen & Voll for Fjordfiesta offers a contemporary spin on the use of laminated wood – a key feature of mid-century Norwegian furniture pieces such as Sigurd Ressell’s Falcon chair. Elegant and timeless.

With strong ties to the aesthetics of Scandinavian design culture and 21st century values regarding ethic and environmental issues, Fjordfiesta’s intention is to create furniture that will last for generations to come. Inspired by the beautiful nature of Norway, Fjordfiesta aims to be a represent for Norwegian design culture.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables fjordfiesta pi

7 // As versatile as it is timeless, the marble Plinth by Norm Architects for Menu serves the dual purpose of being a beautiful, sculptural piece on its own and highlighting whatever objects rest upon it. The honed marble carries an air of sophistication and elegance to elevate any space. Plinth is available three sizes, and the low rectangular version is ideal as a monumental coffee table.

Menu‘s philosophy is simple. They want to make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to. Collaborating with some of the most exciting and driven creative individuals
from the worlds of architecture and design, they produce high quality design with a crisp Scandinavian look. Objects to be treasured now and forever.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables menu plinth

8 // The Hayon lounge table designed by Jaime Hayon for &Tradition is a unique piece of art. The polished marble brings a sense of nobility, while the oak adds earthiness. With metal as the stabilising factor connecting different shapes, colours and materials together. With each table offering three surfaces to choose from, it is a modern answer to our multi-tasking lives.

Established in 2010, &Tradition is a Danish design company that marries tradition with innovation. Their unique portfolio of furniture and lighting spans designs from the 1930s to the present day and includes interior objects by internationally acclaimed designers.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables andtradition hayon

9 // Coffee Bean is inspired by the nature, in line with the Swedese tradition. The name explains the shape, which follows the curved shapes and organic materials of a coffee bean. Specifically, the table also engages in a dialogue with the archives of Yngve Ekström and his design aesthetics, which often took as their starting point a particular shape he had noticed in the rich nature outside his home.

Swedese‘s ideals are the same today as they have been for the past seventy years. These are to create beautiful furniture for the future, which build on the foundations of Scandinavian modern traditions, designed by forward-looking designers who share in the timeless ideals of architecture.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables swedese coffeebean

10 // With its sturdy style, the Podia table from ferm LIVING will make a comfortable base of your living room. The oval table is made of wood, and the sides feature slats, underlining the graphical expression of the practicable table – lift the table top and find a spacious storage room for all the things you need.

Based on a passion for authentic design and clear functionality, ferm LIVING challenge themselves to shape the future and take pride in creating products that help you balance the contrasts of life. From their base in Copenhagen, they work with artisans around the world, fusing our Scandinavian mindset with global skills and traditions.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables fermliving podia

11 // Gubi’s Pedrera coffee table was designed in 1955 by Barba Corsini for the loft space at the famous landmark, La Pedrera in Barcelona. The coffee table is with its slender base and glass table top, a light table that fits into any contemporary home.

Gubi is a design company dedicated to celebrating the luxury of living life. Designs that combine the past and the present for the new to evolve. Designs that stimulate the senses, are beautiful yet usable. Gubi is pursuing perfection with passion and courage. Evolution is the essence.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables gubi pedrera

12 // The Piero coffee table from Bolia has a terrazzo or marble top combined with a steel frame. The coffee table, designed by German Joa Herrenknecht, is packed with great contrasts and material details. The leather pocket is created for storing magazines and books, and adds a fresh new angle to this functional coffee table.

Bolia was born in Denmark, and the vivid nature, their Scandinavian design heritage and the vibrant creativity that surrounds them, serves as their inspiration. But just like the Scandinavian seasons, they are not afraid of change. Bolia love to blur the lines of creativity and, together with their collective of independent designers, make their interpretation of the new Scandinavian design.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables bolia piero

13 // With an uncomplicated simplicity and a fond reference to sharp, cubist shapes, the Twin table from by Lassen is a new classic in contemporary interior design. Twin’s distinctive reversible top encourages both individuality and flexibility.

by Lassen is a Danish design company. They work with various designers, including two of Denmark’s greatest architects: Mogens Lassen and Flemming Lassen. The Lassen brothers were extremely talented and were honored with many awards and grants for their unique designs and iconic architecture. by Lassen’s mission is to continue the tradition of good design. Because good design lives on in new generations.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables bylassen twins

14 // The oval-shaped Verde table by Woud is designed with two table tops, the lower in black painted oak veneer and the circular top in either black or brown marble or white terrazzo. The space created between the two table tops is ideal for flowers and plants, which has been the central idea for designer Rikke Frost drawing the lines for the verde series. Verde allows you to get closer to nature and create space for a green environment inside your home.

Woud is a Danish design brand that manufactures furniture, lights and home accessories. Their products are characterized by high quality, innovativeness and simple, yet pleasing design.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables woud verde

15 // By reducing the details of the Strap sofa table by Form & Refine, the focus lies instead on the fine, solid oak from the forest of Damsbo in Denmark. Where the two main legs meet, a wide band of raw bend leather string is used to symbolize that the strap is holding the table together – a collaboration between constructional and aesthetic detail.

Form & Refine is a Danish design brand who carefully select pure materials from around the world and have these crafted in their countries of origin using skilled traditions. They form collections of Nordic design that will refine as the years progress.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables formandrefine strap

16 // The Stilk table by Northern is simplicity at its best. Designed to complement lounge-like spaces and laid-back interiors, the table provide smooth surfaces at just the right heights. The tables are made in proportions sized to accessorise interiors discreetly, or take centre stage. Stilk has a spontaneous character; several can be clustered together for impromptu gatherings, or moved quietly into the margins when more floor space is needed.

The Northern brand was born in the studios of Northern Lighting. They combine beauty with functionality, and prefer natural materials and genuine craftsmanship. Today, Northern’s creative reach goes beyond their Norwegian heritage to meet the modern need for laid-back luxury and cutting-edge cool.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables northern stilk

17 // The versatile Sino table from AYTM can be combined in many ways. It is in an elegant design with beautiful Art Deco details, and the table frame is available in black or gold with a luxurious black or brown marble worktop. You can also combine the tables with each other to form the perfect coffee table.

AYTM designs luxury home interior and small furniture which given the choice of materials and idiom creates timeless designs. AYTM approaches the concept of Nordic design in a sophisticated and elegant way.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables aytm sino

18 // Tablo is a minimalistic table without redundant details that is quick and easy to assemble without screws. The name Tablo is a reference to the English ‘table’ and the French ‘tableau’, which means a scenically arranged arrangement. The table, designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen for Normann Copenhagen, is available in both a large and small size in seven different colours combinations and with its simple mode of expression it is suitable for almost any home.

Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design company with the mission to create original and innovative products in a simple and contemporary design that withstands the test of time. Or in other words, to challenge conventional thinking and make the ordinary extraordinary through great design.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables normanncopenhagen tablo

19 // Building table designed by Bicolter for Skagerak is a multifunctional table available in two sizes which are easy to combine and ‘build’ in various creative ways. The table is angular and designed with a geometric line that highlights the space in the box-alike form. Perfect next to your couch.

Skagerak is a Danish design company with roots deeply grounded in Scandinavian design and tradition for good craftsmanship. They are old and traditional, but also new and experimenting – constantly mixing state-of-the-art ideas and methods with longstanding knowhow and virtues deeply embedded in the Nordic culture.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables skagerak buildingtable

20 // The Tablo tray table designed by Magnus Löfgren for Design House Stockholm has a high rim to prevent things from slipping off. Tablo, which comes in two heights, can also be used as a side table, for plants, or as a set of tables in front of the sofa. A small, practical and decorative table.

Design House Stockholm work with both established and unknown designers. Their ambition is to gather a collection of the very best Scandinavian design today, where the term ‘Scandinavian’ refers to a philosophic and aesthetic perspective, rather than geography and nationality.

scandinavian feeling best coffeetables designhousestockholm tablo

Which coffee table is your favourite?


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