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scandinavian feeling moments hygge summer august

As we are getting ready to welcome autumn I wanted to take a moment to reflect back on August and the last of the summer. I think many of us are happy that the cooler temperatures are back. Finally, we can enjoy hot drinks, wrap up in comfy clothes and appreciate being cozy at home. Because if there is one thing us Scandinavian’s are great at, it is to create a cozy haven at home. We love staying home and inviting people to join us for a little fika break or an evening of hygge. For anyone who wants to take some notes from the Nordic countries on how to create a Scandinavian feeling at home, check out my latets post where I share a few tips.

This month I have also some exciting news about my blog: it has been nominated for Best Written Blog at the Amara interior blog awards! I am so honored and proud to be in such a great category full of great blogs, and would really appreciate if you take a moment to vote! Click here to vote and have a browse of the other categories and blogs nominated.

How do you find #thatscandinavianfeeling? I am loving seeing all your posts on Instagram of how you slow down and enjoy the seasonal change. Every month I feature four moments shared in the feed by you, and below you can find this month’s selection. These monthly little catch-ups are a great way to get to know each other and to discover new accounts, so make sure you click through to see more of their beautiful feeds and give them a follow.

1 // @nordicllar
“To us that Scandinavian feeling has multiple meanings; It’s about making time for the little things, slowing down and allowing yourself to recharge with your loved ones. It’s about finding beauty in the simple things, bringing in nature and on a base level enjoying the spaces around you, living functionally and bringing light to every room. Visiting Copenhagen for the first time two years ago, we were introduced to a different way of seeing spaces and we also learned what the Danish do best, how to slow down and truly appreciate moments as well as enjoying beautiful design that can shape the way we live.”

scandinavian feeling memories summer

2 // @tillshecriesnomore
“That Scandinavian feeling for me is a happy dance of candle fires in the rhythm of rain strongly hitting the old wooden window. It is a cup of hot coffee or tea (or chocolate to be more Norwegian) which I can drink sitting under my cozy blanket when I don’t have to go outside on a rainy afternoon. It is finding those little pleasures, that comfort zone around you when it’s dark and wet outside. It is, in a way, a feeling of fulfillment that can last for five minutes but the point is that it is your time. As a winter lover, I think it comes to me with ease to cherish the moments of simple little pleasures in all other seasons as well.”

scandinavian feeling cozy window summer

3 // @yvonneskar
“After traveling, no matter where I have been in this world, coming home to Norway to breathe in the fresh and clean air gives me thanks, peace of mind and of soul. One rarely finds anything more beautiful. I am soo lucky to live in west with Norway’s most beautiful beaches just down the street. My mobile and camera are never far away. The highest mountains and the deepest valleys, the most beautiful fjords and the most beautiful scenery. Much of this I share on Instagram, some things I keep in my heart. When I share, I use my favorite hashtag #thatscandinavianfeeling.”

scandinavian feeling water summer

4 // @siskin_house
“That Scandinavian feeling for me is all about taking moments to appreciate a beautiful cup of coffee, simple living, timeless design, and natural surroundings.”

scandinavian feeling cozy magazine summer

Join in and share your moments too by adding the hashtag. How do you find a Scandinavian feeling wherever you are? How are you enjoying the little things in life and getting ready for autumn?

And if you haven’t already, make sure you head over to the #thatscandinavianfeeling feed and have a browse of all the entries we have had so far by clicking on the hashtag below:

that scandinavian feeling


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