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Do like the Finnish, and embrace this health-giving and calming ritual with a sauna at home made by Out of the Valley. Time to enjoy all the health and well-being benefits of sauna culture right in your own garden.

With a focus on considered craftsmanship and efficient thermal perforce, Out of the Valley‘s collection of outdoor wooden saunas brings the benefits of dry heat therapy straight to you. Their prefabricated saunas have been designed to meet the needs of different settings, giving you the chance to have your own sauna right in your garden.

All of the UK-based company’s outdoor saunas are highly efficient and robust built to perform in the toughest environments utilising the best materials. They can be wood-fired or electrically heated and are built in their Devon workshops handmade by skilled craftsmen who share a love for outdoor living. The sauna is designed to be easy to construct as well as to move or relocate, with the idea that owners can take it with them if they move home.

Bathing in the heat of a wooden sauna brings benefits to the mind and body through a therapeutic passive heat ritual. Out of the Valley builds saunas using natural materials, whilst adopting modern design and envelope details to create highly energy-efficient and robust buildings.

Wouldn’t it be dreamy to have your own sauna in the back garden where you can retreat and find calm?

scandinavian feeling hygge finnish sauna home 2

^ Large glazed windows bring an intimate level of connection to the surrounding landscape as you bathe in the sauna experience.

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“The Scandinavians have been advocating for the health benefits of saunas for years, but many people don’t have room in their homes for a custom-built hot room,” says founder Rupert McKelvie. “Small enough to be tucked away into the corner of a garden, our Forest Sauna in black larch comes pre-made and ready to use. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in nature and escape the pressures of modern living.”

The Forest Sauna seen above is the first in their selection of prefabricated saunas, which includes Hive, Fjord, Mountain and Jōki as well as their bespoke Quarry sauna.

Note: A prefabricated sauna by Out of the Valley can be shipped throughout Europe, and with production partners in the US, it is also possible to get one delivered from the East to West Coast.

// Photos: Out of the Valley


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