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January is finally done and dusted. Is it just me, or did it just feel like the month went on forever? But before we say goodbye to this neverending month, I wanted to share the selection of images from the #thatscandinavianfeeling feed on Instagram. Throughout January I have seen a running theme in many of the images shared: staying home and enjoying the little cozy moments. Because if it is one thing January and the winter months are perfect for, it’s that! It is so important to make time to slow down in between the stress, grab a hot drink and just relax.

It is a known fact that January can be quite depressing, not only do we feel pressured by the start of a new year to make changes and new goals but the lack of sunlight seems to affects us all. For me, focusing on the small things in life has made this period easier. Making sure I have little things to look forward to like meeting friends for a little fika time, visiting a museum, having a crisp park walk with the puppy or just staying home watching tv shows and enjoying a nice meal with my boyfriend. Sometimes we rush so fast through the day without appreciating the little things, which results in feeling stressed. Have you been feeling the January blues? And what are little daily rituals you do and appreciate?

All too often we take the little things in our life for granted. Here are a few little ways I embrace the small joys:
– Adding a bit of cinnamon in my coffee to make it extra special.
– Taking time to enjoy my breakfast, slowly!
– Making a (manageable) to-do list in the morning that I tick off during the day. Each tick gives me joy.
– Schedule in a bit of me time, whether that is doing my nails, having a coffee or reading a book.
– Baking! Because is there anything better than the smell of freshly homemade treats?
– Going for a walk with my phone in my pocket, to really relax my brain and just take in my surroundings.
– Having a dedicated ‘fresh-sheets’ day of the week to look forward to.
– Listening to music and singing out loud.
– Lighting candles in the evening.
– Puppy cuddles – an instant joy release!

Below you can find this month’s selection of 4 images shared in the feed, as well as a little quote from each of these lovely people. Click through to see more of their beautiful Instagram feeds too!

1 // @hvitthus
“Still winter. Hygge. Enjoy the minutes, embrace the small joys, make your home to a state of cosiness.”

scandinavian feeling cozy candle table

2 // @madeupstyle
“That Scandinavian feeling is all about small moments of peace, finding time to enjoy the taste and warmth of a mug of tea whilst snuggling up under your favourite blanket!”

scandinavian feeling cozy tea hand

3 // @citrusandorange
“That Scandinavian feeling is a crisp, sunny morning, clean spaces and natural materials, it’s cosyness and soft blankets…”

scandinavian feeling cozy sink kitchen

4 // @parsonsgray
“To me, it is about a balance between what we feel and what we touch. It is about finding contentment with the people in our lives (those we love and those that simply pass through); cherishing the small moments of our daily experience, because when you add them all together, the small things become the big things; slowing down how we consume both products and information; and being mindful of how we interact with others. But it is also about making the functional beautiful as a means of enhancing these experiences – this is the crux of Scandinavian design, I think, this knowledge that the material things we choose to surround ourselves with have an effect on every aspect of our lives.”

scandinavian feeling cozy coffee fika

If you haven’t already, I hope you join in and share your moments too! I would love to see what that Scandinavian feeling means to you, and how you are creating a cozy environment at home. What are those little things in life that you enjoy and look forward to as we are heading towards spring?

Want to see all the featured images we have had so far? Head over to the #thatscandinavianfeeling gallery page and have a browse by clicking on the hashtag below:

that scandinavian feeling


6 responses

  1. Loving these pictures and can totally relate to your small joys list. I’m also obsessed with ticking things off of my to-do list, isn’t that the best feeling ever? Sometimes I even add things I’ve already done (and that weren’t scheduled) so I can cross them off☺ My small everyday joy this season is definitely reading in the morning. It puts me in a great mood, and I read a lot more this way.
    Enjoy February, xx

    1. Hi Viktoria, thank you so much! And I do the same thing when it comes to the lists, it doesn’t matter if the task is already done it still feels so nice to tick it off. What a lovely way to spend the morning, I will try to do the same instead of reaching for my phone straight away. xx

    1. Thank you Peta, so glad you liked the post and hope you join in with your photos too! Fresh sheets day is the best! x

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