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scandinavian feeling moments hygge autumn november

November is gone, and I am taking the time to reflect on this lovely month that simply just disappeared too fast. Autumn is slowly leaving us, the leaves are falling from the trees, and the hope of a new season approaches. For me, this month was about staying home and enjoying the company of my favourite couch potatoes. When it is cold outside, it is important to enjoy the simple things, like watching your favourite tv show, enjoying a big mug of your favourite hot drink or cooking a lovely meal to enjoy together. Don’t get me wrong, I have also been enjoying the outdoors this month, with long walks alongside my puppy, but have appreciated even more that moment when we get back inside and I can jump into my cozy attire to relax.

There is something so comforting in those moments at home, just relaxing and enjoying the little things wheter together or on your own. I love cuddling up with my puppy, he is the perfect snuggly pillow & hot water-bottle combined. During November I have also been taking time to bake, and practicing self-care which to me is very important. It is so easy to neglect yourself in the busy build-up to December and Christmas, so this is my little reminder to you to take some time for yourself and do something you enjoy just because you deserve it!

This month we reached over 2000 posts on the #thatscandinavianfeeling feed over on Instagram, and I love seeing this little community growing and your mutual love for all things Scandi. I do hope you join in and share your moments too! I would love to see what That Scandinavian Feeling means to you, and how you are creating a cozy environment at home. What are those little things in life that you enjoy and look forward to now towards Christmas?

Below you can find this month’s selection of 4 images shared, as well as a little quote from each of them:

that scandinavian feeling

1 // @creativeindex
“For me, That Scandinavian Feeling is about finding comfort and beauty in the simple things. During these cozy Winter months, it’s about creating a warm, welcoming and relaxed home for family and friends to visit… and baking lots of yummy treats for everyone to enjoy.”

scandinavian feeling hygge baking

2 // @lilleputtstudio
“For me, that Scandinavian feeling is all about the home as a haven, a place to reboot. It’s function informing design, both of the space and the objects in it. It’s also the way light, colour and pattern add cheerful accents and give me pause. But most of all, it’s the enjoyment of quiet activities in good company; reading or games of solitaire, sitting and watching the fire, or cooking side by side. It’s being in a space that makes me want to slow down and really enjoy whatever simple task is at hand.”

scandinavian feeling cozy home fireplace

3 // @fiftyshadesofgreige
“That Scandinavian Feeling to me means feeling content and taking pleasure from simple things. I have tried to incorporate Scandi elements into my home by using neutral colours, clean lines, and natural products. I love the sense of calm I feel when I’m at home.”

scandinavian feeling coffee pumpkins

4 // @myprintablebox
“Simplicity and attention to details! In all the gifts and holidays cards that I sent and give.”

(Photo by Haute Stock via My Printable Box)

scandinavian feeling gifts

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