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Your home should in my mind be a calm and relaxing place. When I come home I want a space that makes me feel happy and peaceful, somewhere to slow down in a stressful world.

Here are a few of my tips for keeping a peaceful and calm environment in your house:

// Choose the right colours for you

It is important to choose a colour scheme that makes you feel calm because different colours affect our mood or level of energy in different ways. For me, lighter shades and natural wood works the best as it makes my small space feel open and airy. When it comes to colour, this is so individual so you have to make sure you find the right choice for you. For instance, a darker bedroom can make it feel more relaxing while helping you to stress down, or a pop of colour on a feature wall can create a tranquil environment in your living room.

Advice, I suggest checking out the 2018 colour trends by Jotun ‘Rythm of Life’ which is full of calming shades. Find a blog post I did about it here.

scandinavian feeling home calm

// Declutter and minimal living

If you enter your home and immediately see mess it will affect your mind. Take a few extra minutes each day to make sure all your things are placed back where they should be and try to keep a minimal home. I touched upon this in my earlier blog post HOW TO HAVE A MINIMAL HOME which might be of help for anyone wanting to try a more minimal approach.

I know it is impossible to keep a completely clutter-free space, so:

// Have a designated space for clutter

Be smart when it comes to storage and make sure you have plenty of dedicated space for your clutter. If you are lucky to have a storage room it is a perfect place for organized mess, but if not there are other ways to utilize your space. I have a tiny little hallway between the living room and bedroom where I have a lot of my clutter. Here I have a shelving system for storing everything from towels, toilet paper, shoes, jackets, dry food, and tools in. For me, it makes me feel calm to know that most of these things are stored away in an organized way and out of my sight. Other things I do is keeping a basket in the bathroom to store things like the hairdryer and products inside, having pretty white cardboard boxes in the living room for storing extra shoes inside, and a wooden box to keep all the things for my dog inside.

// The power of plants

I love the beauty and serenity of greenery and therefore place small plants around in different rooms. Succulents are so pretty and low-maintenance, an added bonus is that they help purify the air in your home making you feel focused. A bouquet of fresh flowers or other plants can also help make your place feel happy and calm, by incorporating these natural elements into your space you will feel an inner peace.

scandinavian feeling lagom plant

// Listen to soothing sounds

Sound can help your home become a calm oasis where you feel at ease. Choose a playlist that makes you feel tranquil and fits the time of the day. For me, this would mostly be something instrumental or soft if I need to focus. Something else I do is to put on a radio program or the tv with someone speaking in a soothing way in a different language. If I put on a program where someone is speaking Italian it makes me feel calm as its such a nice language, and although I can understand quite a lot of it I do zone out and feel calm by having it in the background.

Advice, Norwegian is quite a soothing language to listen to, so if you are not a native speaker I would recommend trying to have it in the background.

// Give your space a calming scent

Use essential oil diffusers or scented candles to make your home smell of serenity. I have a few scented candles dotted around in my living room and lighting them brings a lovely peaceful effect. Smells such as lavender, jasmine, cinnamon, rosemary, peppermint, and lemon all have calming properties and are therefore perfect if you want to create a soothing setting.

Advice, use a calming bed mist to bring peace and tranquility into your bedroom. I am currently loving the Dao white lotus & yi yi ren bed & body mist from Rituals.

// Add cozy elements

Is there anything more cozy than wrapping yourself up in a comfy blanket with a hot drink? A lovely and soft blanket is so soothing and helps you unwind after a busy day. Cozy elements such as blankets and pillows add to the calmness and serene atmosphere in your home. A hyggelig home equals a calm and happy home in my mind.

scandinavian feeling cozy calm

How do you create a calm home? I would love to hear tips!

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad


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  1. I am really loving this post, thank you. It’s definitely making me feel really motivated to do some tidying and create a calm and relaxing place. I completely agree with when entering a room and immediately seeing mess it can affect the mind. Working in a messy room can really make me feel unmotivated and not relaxed.
    Clem x

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