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Whether you are interested in lifestyle, the great outdoors, interior or food, I have collected a selection of inspiring Nordic books to help you get that Scandinavian feeling no matter where you are.

1 Wanderlust Nordics

Wanderlust Nordics represents the best hiking routes in Scandinavia. The book has brought together all the most useful tips, informative and beautiful maps, stunning photographs and inspiring texts to show you the wonders of the North through the eyes of a backpacker.

The fjords of Norway, the Arctic tundra of Sweden, the icebergs of Greenland and the breathtaking forests of Finland will tempt you to wander in the wilderness. The perfect book to get you dreaming about the breathtaking variety of landscapes this area has to offer.

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2 Arctic Knitting – The Magic of Nature and Colourwork

Arctic Knitting – The Magic of Nature and Colourwork brings together the enchanting landscapes of Lapland and captivating knitwear. The colours and magical atmosphere of the northern come alive in a total of 20 different knitting designs.

Suitable for all kinds of knitters, from novice knitters to more experienced crafters, the book will warm the hearts of knitters of all sizes and ages, as not only adults but also the family’s little ones will have their own knit designs!

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3 The Interior Design Handbook

Written by design blogger Frida Ramstedt, The Interior Design Handbook is a definitive guide to contemporary Nordic interiors. Filled with inspiring tips and concrete ideas, the book offers something for everyone, no matter the style and size of your home.

In this book, Ramstedt distils the secrets of successful interior design and styling to help you create a home that works best for your space, taste and lifestyle. Filled with practical tips, rules-of-thumb and tricks of the trade, The Interior Design Handbook will help you to think like a professional designer.

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4 The Monocle Book of the Nordics: An exploration of design, business, food & fashion

This heavily illustrated book from Monocle is a celebration of the Nordic region, featuring some surprises, quirks – and maybe a sauna or two – along the way. This book isn’t about hammering the overhyped hygge trend or fussing over foamy food. Much the opposite; it’s about a shared but distinct set of values that have helped these nations excel in quiet diplomacy, thoughtful design, and reasoned debate.

Monocle looks beyond the clichés and uncovers the people, companies, and stories that help the Nordic region rank highly in everything from art and architecture to eating well. With highlights from the people, places and products that show the Nordics in all their nuances: lessons we can all learn from makers in Norway’s high north or retailers reaching higher in Reykjavík; the firms building bridges in Denmark or selling Swedish soft power abroad.

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5 Nordic Interior Book

The Nordic Interior Book is a beautifully illustrated guidebook to contemporary Finnish home decor. A collaboration between interior design writer Piia Kalliomäki and photographer Pauliina Salonen, the Nordic Interior Book presents a selection of authentic Finnish homes photographed in the natural, gentle light of the North – an inspiring visual experience for anyone interested in modern Finnish home decor and Scandinavian aesthetics.

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6 Nordic Painting: The Rise of Modernity 

Nordic Painting: The Rise of Modernity brings together the most significant styles and works of modern Nordic art while creating an interesting cultural-historical overview of the whole of Scandinavia. The book was authored by art historians Katharina Alsen and Annika Landmann, who both specialise in modern Nordic art.

Delightful landscapes, idyllic genre scenes, light-flooded interiors, and atmospheric portraits: this richly illustrated book introduces the most important stylistic directions, artists, and works of Nordic painting. Concentrating on the period of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, it centres on Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, but also considers the equally interesting Nordic regions of the Faroes, Greenland, and the German-Danish borderland.

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7 Simply Scandinavian: Cook and Eat the Easy Way, With Delicious Scandi Recipes

In a nod to the Scandinavian way of eating, this book offers over 80 unpretentious and straightforward dishes with a focus on ease of cooking and seasonality. By showing just how achievable it is to get amazing flavours out of a handful of good ingredients, Trine Hahnemann creates solutions for easy breakfasts, mid-week meals, and simple but impressive ways to entertain family and friends.

With sustainable solutions, organic sourcing and simple food cooked with love; this is an uncomplicated and greener way to cook and eat written by an expert in Scandinavian cookery.

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8 Nordic Garden Design

Nordic Garden Design takes you on a breathtaking tour of the most stunning gardens in the north, whose unique atmosphere and considered design show the skill and vision of horticultural professionals and avid garden enthusiasts. In addition, the book offers insight into the plants, styles and other special features of Nordic gardens in general.

Written by garden journalist and stylist Johanna Vireaho, Nordic Garden Design transports the reader to a carefully curated selection of beautiful, luscious gardens to take in the early buds of spring all the way to late autumn russets. The book invites you to delve into stylish, nature-inspired moods, vegetation and special characteristics of gardens in the north.

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9 Soft Nordic

Soft Nordic, is for all those who want to dive into the wonderful world of Scandinavian design. Collected by the interior designer Piia Kalliomäki and photographer Pauliina Salonen, the 17 homes represented in the book are all united by Nordic aesthetics, modern design and the vintage charm of second-hand finds. 

Each home featured in the book resembles its owners, forming a personal, intimate ensemble with a myriad of stories to tell. Soft Nordic is the perfect addition to your bookshelf and an endless source of inspiration for anyone looking to up their décor with some Scandinavian charm.

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