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The act of physical and mental self-care is an important investment. Nowadays with our busy lifestyles and hectic schedules, it can be difficult to set aside time for ourselves. Powerful Grace Club is a community created to help you improve your life and wellbeing by making it easier for you to attend online fitness classes no matter where in the world you are – a mindful movement made by women for women with the mission to empower you to become stronger, healthier and happier.

Powerful Grace Club is a boutique online fitness studio with a special focus on women’s bodies and needs. Launched in Stockholm in September 2020, with participants from all over Europe, it has become an online community of women sharing skills, knowledge and ideas about how to improve their lives and wellbeing through exercise. Powerful Grace Club was created by Swiss-born Vanessa who previously had a successful career in marketing and advertising in Milan, London and Stockholm together with her friend and fitness mentor, Annalisa who has 20 years’ experience and qualifications such as FISAF and Aqua Fitness Master Trainer to the Swiss Sports Federation.

With the aim to help you reclaim your power, the founders successfully created an online place of inclusion, diversity, imperfection, and comfort. As a member, you can join in from anywhere in the world for their virtual live classes, which provides you that group class feeling without the commute or studio price tag. Classes are suitable for all levels and they are split into: Power Classes focused on changing the body composition and burning fat (Newbie Powermix, HIIT, Dance HIIT and Body Shaper), and Grace Classes designed to increase general flexibility, strength, posture and to boost mental wellbeing (Barre, Ballet Fit, Pilates, Functional Stretching and various type of Yoga).

Joining is easy: simply choose the virtual live class you like here, sign up and join it via Zoom from the comfort of your own home! If you want to try one of their classes for FREE, use my code SCANDIFEELFREECLASS. And if you enjoy it as much as I do (which I think you will), then you can get a 20% discount on bundles with my code SCANDIFEELXPGC.

“Keep taking care of yourself until you are you again,” – Lalah Delia 

For me, their newly launched class The Mama Project, Pre & Post Natal Pilates has been a great way to prepare my body and mind for the changes that comes with pregnancy. Attending the class every Tuesday for the last month has been a highlight of my week, and along with my daily dog walks it has been a great source of energy. If you are pregnant too, or postpartum, I highly recommend you to join in and try for yourself. Not only is it relaxing and comforting, but you also feel great afterwards knowing you are doing something good for yourself and your baby. In the class, Anna – a certified Movement and Exercise for pregnancy Pilates Instructor, will take you through a 45 minutes Pilates exercise routine focusing on pelvic mobility and strength, upper body strength and release of areas of tightness and discomfort that often come with pregnancy and after giving birth like lower back, neck and shoulders, hips.

“Pilates is a complete mind/body exercise and an incredible way to strengthen your core and entire body,” says Pilates instructor Anna. “Every movement originates from the core, but you are still getting a full-body workout so your legs, arms, back and entire body will be stronger and your spine will feel longer. Pilates uses breath work and a focus on core strength and alignment to build strength, flexibility and body awareness. Also, by strengthening your abdominals, you can prevent injuries and support your back when you run, ride, lift or stretch.”

I hope to see you in a Mama Project class which happens every Tuesday at 17:15 – it is a great way to feel connected with others and find a community of women going through the same experience, especially in times like this when being pregnant can feel a bit more lonely. And if you are not pregnant, I’ll see you in one of their many other classes later this year :)

For us it does not matter if women are not perfect, if you are not a supermodel, or an athlete. We honor all women, the body, the mind, the soul. Each one’s uniqueness. We are here to support women in their journey towards long-term wellness and balance. 

Make sure you follow @powerfulgraceclub on Instagram for tips and motivation on your fitness love journey.

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad

Disclaimer: This blogpost is sponsored by Powerful Grace Club, but all the thoughts and opinions are my own.


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