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scandinavian feeling moments hygge summer august

I love autumn! Don’t get me wrong, summer is great too, but I prefer all things cozy. Before we welcome this new season, it is time to have a look back at the images shared on Instagram on #thatscandinavianfeeling throughout August.

End of summer is always a time of both joy and sadness. While I am enjoying the fact that days are fresher I am also feeling a bit melancholic knowing that the cold is eventually coming. In this case, it is important to focus on all the things to look forward to, all those lovely little everyday things that this time brings. For me, the summer here in Italy has been so long, now I am enjoying the fact that I can start to light candles and enjoy hot drinks in the evening again. Another thing I am looking forward to is doing more baking, something that has been a bit difficult here in the heat (having the oven on in 30+ degrees is not very smart as I discovered the hard way..)

I do hope you join in and share your moments on Instagram too! I would love to see what That Scandinavian Feeling means to you, and how you are creating a cozy environment at home. What are those little things in life that you are looking forward to now that summer is over?

Below you can find this month’s selection of 4 images from Instagram, as well as a little quote from each of the lovely ladies. If you want to see more just click on the hashtag below and head over to the feed;

that scandinavian feeling

1 // @2boxdetail
“That Scandinavian Feeling is for me the feeling of quiet serenity, easiness and a trace of melancholy. This mixture means relaxation for me. For my soul and my spirit. I work as a freelance architect in Germany and on our holidays to Scandinavia, I always find valuable inspiration for my work.”

scandinavian feeling cozy home window hygge

2 // @style.bybeth
“That Scandinavian Feeling means simplicity, minimalism, and appreciation of the little things. The comfort in what is real and present in my life. Peace. Calm.”

scandinavian feeling cozy home flatlay magazine

3 // @debora.dusina
“Do you know when you wake up on an autumn morning and the air begins to be chilly? Not cold, not to make you shiver. And you look around to savor the last warm glimpses of a season that is almost over. And you feel it inside you, feel that connection with the world – pure and simple as only beautiful things can be. This for me is That Scandinavian Feeling.”

scandinavian feeling cozy home shelf decor

4 // @snowpils
“For me, That Scandinavian Feeling means feeling good. To be grateful for what we have and also to be kind towards other people. It also means bonding with whatever makes me feel good within my home and outside.

By having little daily rituals such as reading a book, having a coffee, enjoying my home, I try to develop my personal happiness. In a few words being joyful about little things. These are important values that I never underestimate and I always find when traveling to northern European cities. This is why I feel very much connected with the Scandinavian & Nordic way of living.

In this photo I was in Vesteralen; a window onto the world. A good mix of a very wide natural landscape and a strong connection with the wilderness, I believe it is very unique. A certain mystique surrounds these islands which make them magical.”

scandinavian feeling cozy home window fjord


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