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At the core of hygge lies the sentence ‘enjoy the little things in life’ – and it is something I want to remind you of. Appreciating the little things in life means focusing on what brings us joy and happiness instead of those things that are negative. It means practicing gratitude for those everyday moments that are so easy to take for granted or forget. Because those little things are the things we often end up cherishing the most.

Take the weather for instance – something we all focus a lot on during summer. Waking up in the morning to sunshine and birds singing does something to your mood, it lights your spirit and sets you off to a great start. But for me, even if I wake up to rain or clouds I think it is important to look for the positive things. A grey day makes me appreciate the first cup of coffee even more, or the fact that I have an excuse to make a nice and hearty lunch to warm me up. Because no matter how the weather is, an appreciation of the little things in life is key. Whether that is meeting up with friends for a fika, exploring nature or enjoying some alone time and practicing self-care. So make sure to try and look for those little joys this summer instead of focusing on what can’t be changed.

30 of those little things:

  • Sleeping in fresh, clean sheets
  • A kind person helping you when you need it the most
  • Opening the first page of a new book and knowing you will love it
  • Making a (manageable) to-do list in the morning to tick off during the day. Each tick gives joy
  • Receiving mail which is not a bill
  • Listening to your favourite song
  • Waking up after a great night sleep, the kind of deep sleep that makes you feel fully rested and ready
  • The smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns
  • Hearing birds singing outside your window
  • Enjoying a lovely meal that someone prepared for you
  • Finding the perfect spot to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery on a hike
  • Picking wildflowers to bring home and decorate with
  • Coming home from work when it is still light outside
  • When someone makes you the perfect cup of coffee
  • Getting a surprise visit from a friend you haven’t seen in a while
  • A compliment from a stranger
  • Sitting inside listening to the rain outside knowing you don’t have to go anywhere
  • Lighting a candle
  • Cuddles with your pet
  • A hug. (Never has a hug been more needed right?)
  • Turning on the tv and your favourite show is on
  • When you have a great hair day
  • Holding hands with a loved one
  • Finding money in your pocket that you forgot you had
  • When you get an extra hour in bed
  • Eating lunch outside in the sun
  • Trying out a new recipe that ends up being a success
  • Helping someone
  • The achievement of fixing something yourself
  • Jumping into bed and knowing tomorrow is Sunday (yay!)

What little things are you enjoying this summer?

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”
– Robert Brault.

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