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scandinavian feeling moments hygge autumn september

Autumn is in full swing and the coziest season has begun! It has made me feel so happy seeing all your lovely images shared on the #thatscandinavianfeeling feed, and I can see that it is a time you enjoy and embrace. Now, let’s light candles, cozy up with a book and a hot drink while pampering ourselves and really appreciate those little moments. I have been enjoying lazy evenings at home, cuddling up with my puppy on the sofa while watching tv or reading. Sometimes life just goes so fast, but I think it is so important to take time to just do nothing. Clear your mind, focus on little joys and stress down. In this case, I can see a bit advantage of having a pet – they sure know how to relax! My puppy is always reminding me to slow down but also makes sure I get plenty of fresh air during the day. He is the perfect lifecoach ;-)

Here in Italy, this season is the best time in my eyes. The sun is shining during the day making it possible to still enjoy friluftsliv with bike rides and walks, but the evenings are fresher and gives the perfect excuse for autumn hygge at home. I have started stocking up on candles again, and loving the fact that the apartment is cool enough for lighting them.

I do hope you join in and share your moments on Instagram too! I would love to see what That Scandinavian Feeling means to you, and how you are creating a cozy environment at home. What are those little things in life that you are looking forward to this autumn? Below you can find this month’s selection of 4 images from Instagram, as well as a little quote from each of the lovely ladies. If you want to see more just click on the hashtag below and head over to the feed;

that scandinavian feeling

1 // @adaywithv
“That Scandinavian Feeling means time to reconnect myself with the world around me and slow down my lifestyle. Enjoy bedtime with my cats and a good book during weekends and see the beauty in little things even if unperfected.”

scandinavian feeling cozy home cat book autumn

2 // @nicolacapper
“For me, That Scandinavian Feeling is the fleeting moment when the world around you stops still and you take the time to appreciate the simple beauty of the everyday.”

scandinavian feeling bikes autumn

3 // @mlis_puremoments
“For me, That Scandinavian Feeling is to understand that it doesn’t need a lot of decoration or things to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The beauty and the strength of this feeling lies in its simplicity.”

scandinavian feeling cozy home candle autumn

4 // @bluceramics
“I love That Scandinavian Feeling when you enjoy little things, spoil yourself with the serenity of smells and pureness…”

scandinavian feeling cozy home ceramics autumn

Want to see all the featured images we have had so far? Head over to the #thatscandinavianfeeling gallery page, grab a coffee and enjoy!


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  1. I’m so looking forward to the coziness of these upcoming months too. Darker days, lots of candles and hot cocoa & cider…. love this time of year!

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