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scandinavian feeling moments hygge spring may

June is here and summer is (finally) on our doorstep: time to slow down and take a little pause from the hectic everyday life.

But, before summer comes, I wanted to share some moments that caught my eye this month over on Instagram. I love looking at all your posts on Instagram of how you slow down and find #thatscandinavianfeeling wherever you are in the world, and it makes me so happy that so many of you are using and discovering my hashtag along the way. We are getting so close to 6000 images now!

I love May, it truly is a month I enjoy each year and wish would last forever. In Norway, we celebrate the national day on the 17th, which is probably the biggest day of the year for most Norwegians with song, laughter, ice cream, parades and lots of our national costumes (or ‘bunad’ as we call them) and flags on display. If you have not experienced it, I highly recommend visiting Norway around this time of the year as it is very unique and fun to see for yourself. This year I was not home in Norway, but I celebrated in spirit here in Italy. It is days like that where I feel a bit homesick even though I am happy where I am, probably something a lot of people who live away from their home country can relate to.

I am, however, soon – or shall I say in exactly 1 month – on my way to Norway for a summer holiday and cannot wait to see the fjords and eat lots of fresh salmon again. We are travelling together with another couple on a roadtrip around southern Norway, something I will make sure I document and share both here on the blog and on my Instagram account. Our biggest aim will be to see the stunning nature, pause and simply feel calmness.

Do you have any exciting summer holiday plans this year? Maybe heading to one of the Scandinavian countries? If you need travel advice or want to learn more about Scandinavia in general, I think you will like the June issue of Scan Magazine. If you are not familiar with this magazine, it can be read for free online and includes Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. It is a magazine I write articles for, so you might see my name pop up here and there, and I also share my monthly design and fashion favourites in my columns. You can find all of the previous issues, including the newest one, here so you can dream about Scandinavia too. And if you do travel to Scandinavia, or find somewhere with that Scandinavian feeling, I hope you share it and tag #thatscandinavianfeeling.

Every month I feature four moments shared in the Instagram feed with my hashtag by you, everything from calm and cozy images of your homes to travel highlights, and below you can find this month’s selection. These monthly little catch-ups are a great way to get to know each other and to discover new accounts, so make sure you click through to see more of their beautiful feeds and give them a follow – let’s spread the love!

1 // @conniheselrickmann
“That Scandinavian Feeling is feeling free, safe and at home. In today’s world, you can’t take that for granted, and I’m therefor very grateful about that.”

scandinavian feeling hygge bedroom

2 // @wonderflakes
“That moment when everything whirling frantically around you stops. When you realize you’ve been moving too fast without taking a moment to catch your breath and think. The instant when calm and serenity hit you. That time when your heart and mind feel warm and you love yourself a little more every time. This is what that Scandinavian feeling means to me.”

scandinavian feeling outdoor architecture

3 // @home_by_charlotte
“That Scandinavian feeling means to me bright details, fresh flowers and stylish purity. By using light elements, such as wood and various other materials in the details, the room and pictures give me a sense of calm.”

scandinavian feeling home shelfie

4 // @ms_irena
“That Scandinavian feeling for me is taking the time out to pause, be still and enjoy the beauty of life.”

scandinavian feeling gamlestan

Join in and share your moments too by adding the hashtag on your Instagram posts. How do you find that Scandinavian feeling? How are you enjoying the little things in life?

And if you haven’t already, make sure you head over to the #thatscandinavianfeeling feed and have a browse of all the entries we have had so far by clicking the hashtag below:

that scandinavian feeling


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