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Winter is here, and what better way to enjoy it to the fullest than to appreciate the little things in life? Whether that means making your house a cozy oasis where you can relax and be with the people you love or having a walk in a winter wonderland and savor the beauty and stillness of it all. In Scandinavia we are known for those dark, long winter days, but also the complete brightness of a snow-covered landscape. I guess in a way we are lucky to be able to see and embrace the contrast of winter.

I always say: home is not a place, it is a feeling. And what a lovely feeling it is. This is something I have come to realize after moving from Norway to Italy. I bring That Scandinavian Feeling to Italy by creating a home that is bright, minimal and clean but also cozy and homely. I’ve been focusing on adding little personal elements in my home to make it cozier, little details like photos and decorative items reminding me of where I’m from and memories shared with loved ones. I enjoy creating my own little Scandinavian nest here in Italy, when I’m in my apartment it makes me feel like I am back home in Norway but when I step outside I am yet again in Italy. I do still consider Norway my home, but I am slowly also thinking of Italy as my home.

Through December we had so many lovely images shared on the hashtag, and it was great to see how you all celebrated, decorated & stayed cozy in Nordic style. If you haven’t already, I hope you join in and share your moments too! I would love to see what That Scandinavian Feeling means to you, and how you are creating a cozy environment at home. What are those little things in life that you enjoy and look forward to now that Christmas is over and winter is in full swing? Below you can find this month’s selection of images, as well as a little quote from each of them. Hope you enjoy it.

1 // @_arland_
“The first time I met Scandinavia was at the age of 4 when I got in touch with the kind and relaxed lifestyle of the blonde haired community. Since then I’ve traveled to Scandinavia several times and I joined the simple but also eccentric and peaceful life of Scandinavian people. Back in Italy I tried to carry on their perfect lifestyle that I learned there, and it makes me feel lucky. I’ve tried to follow Scandinavian lifestyle by surrounding myself with the timeless beauty of Nordic design, feeling cozy at home sipping hot tea by the flickering light of a candle, and living mindfully thinking that beauty is even in small things that bring joy to my everyday life.”

scandinavian feeling cozy candle

2 // @casakaosmedkontroll
“That Scandinavian Feeling to me is created from within. It is the sense of beauty and the atmosphere we create among us. The simplicity versus the complexity. A Scandinavian feeling is recognized in different images.”

scandinavian feeling white christmas

3 // @nordic_dreams
“To me, That Scandinavian Feeling is found in the little towns and villages throughout the Scandinavian countries. It’s found in a place where life is more simple, more quiet, more connected to nature. The Lofoten Islands are absolutely beautiful, especially in the winter when we see infinite shades of blue throughout the short days. I crave these places since I’m currently living in NYC!”

scandinavian feeling dark winter

4 // @christinathaisen, founder of the Scandinavian homeware shop NABOshop
“For me, it’s about a sense of belonging. It’s about finding comfort in the familiar and creating a home that reflects who we are as a family. Moving from Copenhagen to London has made me appreciate the way Danes create simple, beautiful yet functional family homes much more. That Scandinavian Feeling means creating a home for what matters most.”

scandinavian feeling dark interior

Want to see all the featured images we have had so far? Head over to the #thatscandinavianfeeling gallery page and have a browse by clicking on the hashtag below:

that scandinavian feeling


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