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Nordic life

Exciting news: this week I’m the guest on the Nordic Mum podcast where I had the pleasure to talk to Susanna about Scandinavian living and hygge. It was such a great chat and we truly bonded over our common experiences as Nordic women living abroad in a different culture.

Loving Scandinavian life

About episode 79: How a girl from Norway found herself living the la dolce vita in Italy? I talk to Ingrid Opstad, a journalist and blogger who lives the Scandinavian life in Italy. She tells us her journey and how she ended up there, how her blog That Scandinavian Feeling shares her love of all things Scandinavian and how you can have a piece of this in your life.

You can find a link to listen to the episode below and also read the full post here if you prefer that. Hope you enjoy it, and make sure you check out the rest of her series too if you want to learn more about the Nordic way of life and hygge.

The Nordic Mum podcast is a great way to learn all about the Nordic way of life. Host Susanna interviews Scandinavian women about their Scandinavian life journeys and what it means coming from the Nordic countries. She explores why Scandinavian countries and people seem to be the most content in the world and why they top the charts when measured on trust, gender, work-life balance and happiness. Her aim is to motivate and inspire you to live your life with a hint of Nordic living and a ‘less is more’ approach – each episode gives you tips on how to do this.

Ingrid opstad


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