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It’s the most hyggelig time of the year!

November is done and dusted and winter is upon us. During the busy build up to Christmas it is important to make time for yourself and to slow down. For many of us, winter is a magical time, but for others, it can be a cold and depressing time. In my mind, the best way to get through this time is by practicing hygge. So this winter, make sure you find your own hygge moments. For me it is staying home, ligthing candles, going for walks in the fresh air, drinking hot chocolate, hanging out with the people I love the most, enjoying the little things…

To get inspired, here is the hygge manifesto the Little Book of Hygge written by CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen Meik Wiking. Some great points for achieving everyday happiness not only during winter, but all year long:

  1. Atmosphere – dim the lights, keep it soft and relaxing, add candles and get cozy.
  2. Presence – be here now, turn off the phone and enjoy the moments offline.
  3. Pleasure – treat yourself to whatever you desire: coffee, chocolate, cake or a glass of wine.
  4. Equality – share everyday tasks as well as the joy.
  5. Gratitude – appreciate the moments, the people around you and be thankful for everything you have.
  6. Harmony – it is not a competition, no need to brag or show off.
  7. Comfort – get comfy, take a break. It is all about relaxation.
  8. Truce – no time for drama, time for peace.
  9. Togetherness – build relationships and narratives with people you care about and who care about you.
  10. Shelter – create a place of peace and security to enjoy.

Hygge and that Scandinavian feeling goes hand-in-hand. How do you find that Scandinavian feeling? I love looking at all your posts on Instagram of how you slow down and enjoy the little things. Every month I feature four moments shared in the feed by you, and below you can find this month’s selection. These monthly little catch-ups are a great way to get to know each other and to discover new accounts, so make sure you click through to see more of their beautiful feeds and give them a follow.

1 // @thealaskanedit
“In 2012, my husband and I moved to a small town north of Copenhagen. We lived there for several wonderful years and while there, we became very familiar with and fond of the Scandinavian lifestyle and aesthetic. Fast forward six years and we are back in Alaska incorporating that same Scandinavian feeling into our home. 

We have two small children and we want our home to be a calm, cozy and restorative place for us and them. Emphasizing natural light and bridging the gap between indoors and outplays an integral part in this, along with filling our home with comfortable, thoughtful and relevant pieces.”


2 // @eleshining
“That Scandinavian feeling is something intangible, so hard to describe. For me it is the sensation of the Sunday morning light entering through the window, a cup of tea, the forest treasures that you picked up in the mountains, your cat purring, a knitted blanket, a book and of course candle lights. It’s a way of living, a state of mind. If you appreciate the little things in life, if you are able to keep it simple, if you love slow living, if you are constantly in contact with nature both outside and inside your home… then you already know what that Scandinavian feeling is!”


3 // @lovenordic
“That Scandinavian feeling is ingrained deep into my everyday. From my perspective, it doesn’t just represent a neutral, uncomplicated, cozy aesthetic or form. It also represents the beautiful function of a space or object. And of course; it is subjective; it can easily mean something wonderfully different to all of us.”


4 // @tuvamoenholm
“To me, that Scandinavian feeling is about the proximity to nature that is constantly changing from day to day. The seasons and the rugged climate of wintertime does something to the way we live our life. We have to live according to the light in winter, and during the summertime, we try to make up for the lost time by spending as much time outside in the sunshine as possible. This rough, honest and natural expression is applicable to Scandinavian design, and I think that’s why so many embrace the style.”


Join in and share your moments too by adding the hashtag on your Instagram posts. How do you find that Scandinavian feeling wherever you are? How are you enjoying the little things in life whether that is at home or outdoors?

And if you haven’t already, make sure you head over to the #thatscandinavianfeeling feed and have a browse of all the entries we have had so far.



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