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scandinavian feeling moments hygge autumn october

As days are getting darker and shorter, it is important to create a nice and lovely atmosphere in the space you spend most of your time – I am talking about the home. This means being surrounded by things and people you love, and making sure you have something to look forward to like for instance a hot batch of cinnamon buns in the oven or a good book you have been looking forward to read. It means getting out your comfy pillows, blankets and candles that might have been stored away during hotter weather, and enjoying those precious moments.

Light is so important, and now that we are loosing the natural light earlier it is important to create the perfect light at home with lamps and candles. We recently installed the new IKEA Trådfri dimming kit at home, which has been such a nice way to create a cozy feeling. If you havent seen it yet, make sure you check it out in your local IKEA or online – it is a game changer! These smart lighting products are affordable and easy to use, all you need to do is get the lightbulbs and dimmer to be able to control all your light. It even comes with an app where you can create your own mood, we have for instance created our own settings for dinner, tv, cozy & focus. For me this is a great way to get moody light, as we did not have any dimmers installed when moving in and these can be quite pricey.

Last month I did a little column in Scan Magazine focusing on lighting and hygge. I also did a Fashion Diary for rainy days if you want to look Scandi-chic even when it is raining. Find these along with a lot of other great articles all about Scandinavia here.

We are getting so close to 2000 posts now on the #thatscandinavianfeeling feed over on Instagram, and I love seeing this little community growing and your mutual love for all things Scandi. I do hope you join in and share your moments too! I would love to see what That Scandinavian Feeling means to you, and how you are creating a cozy environment at home. What are those little things in life that you enjoy and look forward to? Below you can find this month’s selection of 4 images from Instagram, as well as a little quote from each of them.

that scandinavian feeling

1 // @myvillascandispectacle
“I like Scandinavian design because of it’s simplicity and it’s clearness. One of my favourite interior object is the string shelf which get a new look every few weeks. This different decoration, mostly minimalistic and with a priority colour, always makes it an eye catcher in our home. For my personal Scandinavian feeling it joins to a bright and shape clear facility, also heirlooms or something showy.”

scandinavian feeling shelf

2 // @designhouseofberry
“That Scandinavian Feeling is the feeling that you stop for a while from everything and observe around you calmly; the feeling that you join to the dance of a dimly lit candle while drinking a nicely brewed coffee with relish until it’s last drop.”

scandinavian feeling coffee flatlay

3 // @vaalea_kotini
“To me That Scandinavian Feeling is light and simple but cozy.”

scandinavian feeling candles table

4 // @dagens_trekk
“That Scandinavian Feeling to me is created from within. It is the sense of belonging, it is with me at all times. It is the sense of beauty and the atmosphere we create among us. It is the kindness versus the coldness. The simplicity versus the complexity. Creating That Scandinavian Feeling can only be done when you feel it. A Scandinavian feeling is hard to translate, but it is recognised in different images, like what you see in this picture and many more.”

scandinavian feeling floral dark

Want to see all the featured images we have had so far? Head over to the #thatscandinavianfeeling gallery page, grab a coffee and enjoy!


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