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If you struggle to find the perfect lipstick that suits you I have something I know you will like: a custom made sustainable lipstick making sure you get that perfect colour!

The new Swedish makeup brand Ellure produces on-demand products designed and created by you for your own complexion. It is easy, you just have to create your own personal lipstick online in their shade creator and you will get it in the post within a few days. This means you can find the perfect nude, recreate an old colour you loved or just go crazy and try something different for a change. And if you can’t decide on just one, you can also order up to 3 shade samples to explore and find that perfect shade.

For my own lipstick I decided to create the perfect bold, red lip colour to go with my Nordic look. If you follow me you know I like to keep my makeup quite minimal and simplistic, however I love emphasising my lips with a red lipstick. The shade I ended up creating is simply me, and I decided to call it Scandi red. I have been loving wearing my own personal lipstick, the matte finish and formula is long-lasting but still has a light feel so great both for everyday wear or special occactions. If you want to order the exact same shade and get that effortlessly chic Scandinavian look too, then use the digital colour code #CE4742 when creating your shade.

When it comes to creating the shade, you can either use an existing image from a gallery of different skin tones or upload an image of yourself to see what exact colour will suit you. With a selection of tones and scrollable bars, you can easily customise and experiment with different settings to find what best suits you – giving you the option of 10,000+ shades. or if you have the digital colour of an object you wish to recreate, you can also fill this into the shade creator.

With the aim to make cosmetics inclusive and sustainable, the brand was founded by Selah and Marc in 2018 at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm as a school project. They put their heads together to find a solution to the challenge of creating products that empower people of all shapes and looks, meanwhile paying respect to the needs of our planet.

Ellure is founded with sustainability in mind. To set a new standard in the production and consumption of beauty products is our ultimate goal. With our unique production process we are able to target the core of waste prevention.

An Ellure lipstick is also a great gift idea for the person who has everything. Get them a gift-card and let the receiver make the perfect gift for themselves by creating their own unique lipstick. Perfect!

Want to try making your own custom lipstick or get one as a gift to someone? You can get a 15% discount with my code SCANDIFEELING at checkout.

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad


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