All photos by Ingrid Opstad

All photos by ingridesign

Last week I finally went back to the EXPO to spend the whole day there. It was very helpful to have had an evening there before (more about that here) to get an overview so that we knew exactly what we wanted to experience and see.

If you haven’t heard of the EXPO yet, here is a quick introduction;
EXPO Milano 2015 is a Universal Exhibition from May 1st to October 31st where 145 participating countries is showcasing their answer to a vital need: being able to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient food for everyone while respecting the planet and it’s equilibrium. Under the slogan ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’ the 2 million square meter large exhibition space has become the place to be if you want to experience food, design and culture from all over the world.

EXPO milano 2015 passport cover

Visitors can purchase their own EXPO passport at the entrance which, like a normal passport, has space for receiving stamps from each country you visit. This means that you end up with a little visual diary, a great way to remember what you did and look back on later. I loved collecting the stamps, it is such a great idea for both kids and grown-ups to make the EXPO experience even better. Here you can see a sneak-peak inside my passport;

INGRIDESIGN EXPO milan 2015 passport stamps

The first pavilion we went to was the Brazilian Pavilion, because we had heard it was one of the best attractions and something that had to be experienced. The reason being it consists of a beautifully designed structure containing a large suspended net where visitors are invited to join in on a multi-sensory and immersive experience. It was fun trying to walk the net, and at one point I ended up hand-in-hand with an older woman needing help balancing as it was quite a difficult task to cross it. Underneath the net you can find a Green Gallery with different plants, flowers and fruits from Brazil.

“The net is the materialization of the concept ‘Feeding the world with solutions’ and act as a metaphor of flexibility, fluidity and decentralization to represent the bounds and the integration of different topics and players creating, once combined, the true Brazilian role in producing quality food to satisfy global demand in a technological and sustainable way, perfectly in line with Expo main theme.” – EXPO website

INGRIDESIGN EXPO 2015 MILANO brazilian pavilion

INGRIDESIGN EXPO milan 2015 brazil inside

After that we went to the Angola Pavilion. It has a spectacular exterior with a wooden geometric shaped surface which comes from the typical Angolan printed fabrics. The surface allows natural light to enter the rooms inside, and gives a nice effect throughout the structure. The exhibition area’s inside has the theme ‘Food and culture, educate to innovate’, and it shows the country’s natural food resources as well as focusing on the culture and soul of the nation in the four chapters; origins, growth, sustainability and future.

I loved walking through the exhibition learning about the country, and especially enjoyed the unexpected light and sound show that suddenly happened in the middle of our visit replicating a storm followed by tribal music and sounds. This happened as I entered the center of the sacred African baobab tree which made it even more magical.

“The Pavilion of Angola has an architectural concept inspired by a representation of the ‘imbondeiro’, the sacred African baobab tree in the Angolan culture. The tree will also be the starting point from which visitors start a cultural and gastronomic journey inside the Pavilion through which they become acquainted with the content of the Angola.” – EXPO website

INGRIDESIGN EXPO milan 2015 angola structure

Then it was time for a sit-down and a snack so we made a little stop in Belgium where we enjoyed some lovely fries before heading over to the Republic of Korea Pavilion. This was a very modern and simplistic structure where the use of highly advanced science and technology in the fields of food, environment, and human physiology was showcasing their diverse culinary practices. One of the main attractions was a robot show with two screens showcasing the process of fermentation in Korean cuisine.

“The overarching theme of the Korea Pavilion is to promote a more sustainable way of life through healthy eating. Under the banner ‘Hansik, Food for the Future: You are What You Eat’ the exhibition will showcase how a healthy diet can affect one’s outlook and appearance on life. What we eat and how we eat all reflect the way we are. A healthier diet will not only help us make the most out of life but also preserve the environment around us.” – EXPO website

INGRIDESIGN EXPO milan 2015 corea


INGRIDESIGN EXPO milan 2015 south korea

After a walk around and a brief stop near China eating some Ramen noodles & gyozas we decided to go to the Italian area, and couldn’t resist checking out the Fab Food. The factory of Italian taste exhibition mainly because of this amazing entrance! It is spread over ten rooms and focuses mainly on kids, schools and families with a lot of games such as the ‘Juke Box of Wishes’ where visitors can play choosing their favourite Italian dishes and see how they are created.

INGRIDESIGN EXPO milan 2015 fab food

Next to the Fab Food exhibition is the L’aperitivo Italiano terrazza Martini, which offers a 360° view of the EXPO site. Here we could sit in the shadow underneath an umbrella away from the stress and crowds while enjoying a lovely Martini Royal cocktail along with a nicely presented aperitivo plate. La dolce vita!

INGRIDESIGN EXPO milan 2015 l'aperitivo italiano terrazza martini

INGRIDESIGN EXPO milan 2015 martini terrace

One of the other pavilions I had heard so much about and wanted to see was the Austrian Pavilion. Here visitors can take a breath in the small scale Austrian forest that provides 62.5 kilograms of fresh oxygen every hour. It is a very relaxing and refreshing experience, and you forget where you are for a moment. Perfect place to cool down on a hot day (which is most days in the Milan summer)..

“With ‘BREATHE’ Austria is making an incisive contribution to the theme ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’ at the Expo Milan 2015. ‘BREATHE’ highlights the No.1 source of nourishment and one of the most important resources for an international audience: AIR. Architecture, Nature, Culture and Research are brought together to offer the visitor a personal experience.” – Klaus K. Loenhart

INGRIDESIGN EXPO milan 2015 breathe austria

INGRIDESIGN EXPO milan 2015 austria eat

Then it was time to eat again, and we ended up going back to the Japanese Pavillion as we enjoyed the food there so much last time we went. I had the Chicken Katsu curry this time as it is something I used to eat quite a lot when living in London and can’t seem to find here in Milan, and it was very delicious. We ended the day again with watching the Tree of Life evening show which is a must, before heading home.

I highly recommend people to visit the EXPO, and would suggest reading up on it beforehand to have a view of which areas you would like to visit as there are so much to see and not enough time. I will definitely go back soon as there are still so many pavilions I want to experience, and also to hopefully fill up my passport! Get your ticket here.

Ingrid Opstad

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July 16, 2015



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    October 15, 2015

    Me too I went to the expo, I didn’t like that much!
    I dind’t see the L’aperitivo Italiano terrazza Martini, !!! :(
    Well..exist also in Milan, in the centre! and is really nice too

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      October 18, 2015

      Hi Laia! It can be quite a stressful place if there is too many people.. The Italiano terrazza Martini was in the Italian section not too far from the Tree of Life, but it was a bit hidden so difficult to see. Nice, thanks for letting me know! I will have to try the one in Milan city centre too :-)