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old stavanger hygge street norway

If you visit the Stavanger region in Rogaland and want to experience the coziest street, this is the place for you! Take a walk back in time in this charming neighborhood and discover why it is such a popular tourist attraction.

Old Stavanger, or Gamle Stavanger as we say in Norwegian, is a historic area consisting of 173 wooden houses originally built in the late 17th & 18th century. Most of these cute houses are white, only a few are allowed to be another colour, and all have that typical characteristic Scandinavian look. Old Stavanger is a popular living area for locals, but you can also find many small galleries and handicrafts’ boutiques in this part of the city. If you want to learn more about the local history, stop by the Norwegian Canning Museum or Stavanger Maritime Museum both located here.

old stavanger hygge blue door norway

old stavanger hygge flag house norway

old stavanger hygge streets norway

It is such a picturesque place, and I recommend to have a walk early in the morning to avoid the crowds!

old stavanger hygge street cute norway

old stavanger hygge green door norway

old stavanger hygge street plants norway

old stavanger hygge bench norway

old stavanger hygge windows norway

old stavanger hygge small door norway

old stavanger hygge streets empty norway

Where >> Gamle Prestveien, 4025 Stavanger, Norway

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad


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