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Flat Café is a cozy Nordic-style place in the centre of Lisbon where you can feel just like home. Here you can enjoy Scandinavian open-faced sandwiches made out of local products and sip speciality coffee while you watch the world go by. Visit for a taste of Scandinavia in the heart of sunny Lisbon, Portugal.

Located along the steep tram route from Rua Boa Vista to Principe Real, the cozy Flat Café is a spot worth checking out. With a great selection of options for breakfast and brunch, this Scandinavian-inspired space is as charming indoors as it is outdoors. The perfect setting for hygge moments.

Flat Café was founded by the Russian gastro-enthusiast Varvara Kroz. In 2017 she travelled across Scandinavia, and at the fish market in the port town called Bergen in Norway she experienced smøbrød for the first time – a piece of rye bread with a tasty shrimp topping. She fell in love with this simple yet exceptional typical Scandinavian dish. In 2021, Varvara moved from St. Petersburg to Portugal and decided to open a Scandinavian cafe in the centre of Lisbon with this memory in mind.

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The concept of this little café is today based on that very typical Scandinavian dish. The smøbrød (or ‘open-faced sandwich’ as we would call it in English,) is the main star on their menu, you will in fact find seven of them. Each Scandinavian toast is based on rye bread with various grains and seeds, with toppings such as salmon or gravlax, roast beef, or carrot and chickpea hummus. Alongside other traditional Nordic recipes, you can also eat a variety of food with a Portuguese twist as well as speciality coffee and drinks.

The kitchen follows the Nordic philosophy principle of zero waste and seasonality. “Our concept is all about Scandinavia and its principles of food consumption. One of the most important rule is the use of local and seasonal products,” they state.

“Our menu is inspired by Scandinavian recipes and traditions. But we have adapted it taking into account local products and tastes.”

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^ And it is great to know this is a dog-friendly café so you can bring your little furry friends along too.

Have you visited Flat Café? If so, I would love to hear what you thought of the place!

Where >> Tv. do Cabral 36, 1200-075 Lisbon, Portugal

Photo credit: Flat Café


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