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amazing norway travel kistefosmuseum

Planning a trip to Norway? If you want to see and experience something breathtaking, something out of the ordinary, then here are a few suggestions that will let you discover this beautiful country in unique ways:

The Twist

Spectacular museum, sculpture and bridge at Kistefos

The new spectacular museum building The Twist opened September 2019, it twists into an ‘impossible form’ and spans 60 meters across the Randselva river. The building is a museum, sculpture and bridge – all in one and is designed by world-renowned architects Bjarke Ingels Group BIG.

Located in the middle of the Kistefos sculpture park, the 15,000-square-foot structure hosts a variety of exhibitions from world-renowned artists and function as a natural extension of the exploration of the sculpture park. The aesthetic and iconic twist makes this a unique and exciting visit on your next trip to Norway.

KistefosSamsmoveien 41Jevnaker, Norway

amazing norway travel kistefosmuseum overview
amazing norway travel kistefosmuseum inside


Modern cabins bringing you close to the Norwegian sea and mountains

With breathtaking views of the sea and surrounding landscapes, the Manshausen Cabins provides you with front-row seats to experience the northern lights. Located in Steigen in northern Norway close to the Lofoten Islands, this truly is a unique travel destination. Here you get the possibility to enjoy a varied selection of exciting outdoor activities in combination with comfortable and private waterfront lodges. Three of the modern sea cabins are placed along the old stone jetty, two more on the rocky Northern side of the Island, and the last two units situated above the others on natural ledges in the terrain.

Our focus when building the lodges was architecture, design and location, where you will be close to nature also when inside. Here you can enjoy the northern lights in winter or midnight sun in summer from the warm comfortable bed, or in the hot-tub, after an active day outdoors, says Børge Ousland.

amazing norway travel cabin manshausen northernlights

Lille Manshausen, Mannshausen, 8283, Norway

amazing norway travel cabin manshausen interior


A restaurant five and a half meters below the surface in Norway, exposing you to the wonders beneath the sea

Under is a new restaurant located half-sunken into the icy waters of Lindesnes in Rogaland – Europe’s first and the world’s largest underwater restaurant! In Norwegian, the word ‘under’ has the dual meaning of ‘below’ and ‘wonder’. Developed in collaboration with the award-winning architect firm Snøhetta, the restaurant aims to provide a journey into the unknown while focusing on marine research, architecture and gastronomy in a stunning way. By welcoming guests to immerse themselves in the Norwegian marine ecosystem, Under provides a new niche for underwater tourism. Each guest is given a unique opportunity to experience a submerged universe, exploring marine life in ways they otherwise may never see.

Fresh ingredients and pure, naked flavours are of the utmost importance to us. At the same time, we want to provide a unique dining experience that ushers our guests beyond their comfort zone, says head chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard.

Bålyveien 48, 4521 Lindesnes, Norway

amazing norway travel restaurant under interior
amazing norway travel restaurant under sea


A meeting between raw Norwegian nature, cultural history and modern architecture

Consisting of seven small cubes on stilts with glass walls that offer each space a striking view, welcome to the award-winning architecture at Juvet Landscape Hotel. Every Landscape room has one or two walls that are entirely built in glass. Through careful orientation every room gets its own exclusive view of the piece of the landscape, changing with the season, the weather, and the time of day. While no two rooms are alike, all the rooms have a dark interior to avoid stealing focus from the scenery.

Located on the northwest coast of Norway, just outside the village of Valldal, approx. 90 minutes driving from the city of Ålesund. The Hotel residence in the middle of the famous Norwegian scenic route between the unesco world heritage fjord Geiranger and the dramatic road and viewing point Trollstigen.

Alstad 24, 6210 Valldal, Norway

amazing norway travel juve landscape hotel
amazing norway travel juve landscape hotel view


A wave-shaped toilet building with glass walls beautifully lit in the dark

Who would have thought a public toilet could be a destination but wait until you see this beautiful landmark. At Ureddplassen (Uredd rest area) you find a nine-metre-wide terrace with a wide view overlooking the fjord and towards the open sea, Fugløya, Lofotveggen and the horizon. Ureddplassen is a place for a short break, a nice rest and a picnic, or for long nights with midnight sun or northern lights. The restroom facility is open all year round.

Ureddplassen is also a memorial place. A monument was erected in memory of those who died when the submarine ‘Uredd’ hit a mine in Fugløyfjorden during World War II. The submarine was on its way to Gildeskål with agents from the Linge Company on their way to Sulitjelma to carry out a sabotage operation against the power plant by the mines.

Fv17 310, 8145 Storvik, Norway

amazing norway travel toilet uredd
amazing norway travel restroom ureddplassen


Treetop cabins letting you experience nature from a whole new dimension

From the top of the trees, you will get a panoramic view of the surroundings. PAN Treetop Cabins are located in Finnskogen, a two-hour drive from Oslo and is a unique possibility for nature lovers who want to experience the quiet of the forest, exciting activities, traditional food and extraordinary animal life. A stay in these comfortable cabins is suitable for all travellers with the desire to experience the real Norwegian wilderness. The cabins are drawn by the award-winning architect Espen Surnevik.

Finnskogen is a great natural reserve brimming with history and a plethora of species. Mystery and the inexplicable have always been a part of daily life for the Finnish people who settled there. The Finnish settlers most important god was called Tapio, a Finnish version of our Pan, the greek god of forests and meadows.

An essential and very important principle has been that the cabins will blend into the surroundings in a non-intrusive way. The underlying thought is that you should be able to remove the cabins and not be able to see any trace of human activity be left behind, says owners Kristian Rostad and Christine Mowinckel.

amazing norway travel cabin pan finnskogen

Joger Hansens Veg 2280, 2280 Gjesåsen, Norway

amazing norway travel cabin pan finnskogen interior

Viewpoint Snøhetta

Impressive observation pavilion for the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Foundation

Located at Hjerkinn on the outskirts of Dovrefjell National Park, overlooking the mountain Snøhetta you find Viewpoint – a 90 m2 building open to the public that serves as an observation pavilion for the Wild Reindeer Foundation. A 1.5 km hiking trail leads visitors to this spectacular site overlooking the Dovrefjell mountains.

The building design by architecture firm Snøhetta is based on a contrast between ideas – a rigid outer shell and a soft, organic inner core. The wooden core is shaped like rock or ice that has been eroded by natural forces like wind and running water, and is placed within a rectangular frame of raw steel and glass. The interior’s shape creates a protected and warm gathering place, while still preserving visitor’s access to spectacular views.

Hjerkinnhusvegen 33, 2661 Hjerkinn, Norway

amazing norway travel viewpoint snohetta
amazing norway travel viewpoint snohetta interior

Canvas Hotel

Experience glamping in hanging cocoons

At Canvas Hotel Hove you can experience the popular glamping (glamorous camping) in special hanging cocoon tents shaped like a ball surrounded by incredible scenery. This hotel is not like other hotels. Their goal is that you get the feeling of nature, the silence, warmth and cold and a sense of enjoyment while living two meters above the ground. A truly exciting travel destination.

Hoveodden 200, 4818 Færvik, Norway

amazing norway travel glamping cocoon canvashotel
amazing norway travel glamping inside canvashotel


Sleep in a winter wonderland in the Arctic

Snowhotel Kirkenes is one of the most famous igloo hotels in Norway and in the world. The idea was to create something unique and natural. Idyllically placed, with the forest and mountains in the back, and the arctic fjord in front, the snow hotel consists of 20 dreamlike rooms uniquely carved by great ice sculptors from around the world. Every year their team sit down to create a new theme and new motifs for the hotel, but you will always find the Nordic touch with inspiration from both Norwegian and Sami folklore, fauna and fairy tales. With a constant temperature of – 4°, you are in for a cold and magical night and something special to tick off on your bucket list!

Sandnesdalen, 149910 Bjørnevatn, Norway

amazing norway travel snow hotel igloo
amazing norway travel snow hotel bed


The most beautiful journey in the world

Atlanterhavsvegen (the Atlantic Ocean Road) is an 8.3-kilometre long section of road 64 that runs through an archipelago in Eide and Averøy in Møre and Romsdal in Norway. It connects the island of Averøy with the mainland via a series of small islands and islets spanned by a total of eight bridges. Known as ‘the Road in the Ocean, it takes you on a unique journey through the spectacular Norwegian scenery. It is considered the most beautiful road trip in the world by many, thanks to the combination of modern engineering and its natural surroundings.

The Atlantic Road experience will give you memories for life.

amazing norway travel atlanticroad atlanterhavsveien

Atlanterhavsveien, Averøy Municipality, Norway

Which one of these amazing and unique places in Norway is on your travel list?


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