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All photos by ingridesign

All photos by Ingrid Opstad

As it was the first weekend of the EXPO 2015 we got a pair of evening tickets (they are only 5 euros!) to have a stroll around the site. It was great to get a little overview of everything before future visit’s, it’s so big you definitely need a lot of time to see and experience everything.

We got there quite late after some transport issues. First there was no parking as this must be booked in advance, then when we decided to take the train in from the city centre the doors wouldn’t open at the right station which resulted in a bit of a detour.. So when we got there we were very hungry. Luckily there was no queue at all and the security check went smoothly, so the process of getting in was very quick. Once inside we walked down the Decumano (the central way) trying to decide where to stop for a bite to eat. There are so many options it’s hard to choose. Each country have their own pavilion, and most of these have a restaurant of some sort in it, so you can basically eat food from all over the world.

INGRIDESIGN EXPO milan 2015 japan pavilion

We ended up at the Japan Pavilion, my boyfriend had read recommendations online and we know we love Japanese food so it was a no brainer. There you can order food from 3 different famous Japanese restaurants in a food court, all through a click on a machine at the entrance. We tried the rice burger menu from MOS Burger, which seems to be Japan’s answer to McDonald’s. The menu included a burger, fries and a bottle of Coke, all for just 12euros. This was a great choice, the burger was so delicious and not too heavy because of it mainly being rice! A little bonus was this cute little “Let’s learn together with Hello Kitty about Japanese food culture” leaflet you get with the meal.

INGRIDESIGN EXPO milan 2015 japanese riceburger

After the food we had a walk through the rest of the site, and ended up at the Lake Arena in the Italian area for the final evening show. Here in the water you can find the Tree of Life surrounded by fountains coming to life with artistic water-play complemented by music and lights. The Tree of Life is a 37 metres tall wood and steel structure constructed by Orgoglio Brescia and designed by Marco Balich. The show is an amazing experience and has to be seen in real life, the highlight of our evening and a great way to end the visit.

INGRIDESIGN EXPO milan 2015 the tree of life

My first brief visit to the EXPO was very nice, and I can’t wait to go back to see (and eat) more!

Ingrid Opstad

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