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stavanger norway house hygge autumn

Last week I had a lovely trip back home to Norway. Although it was much colder than what it currently is here in Italy, it was so nice to be back and really get into the autumn mood.

I love autumn time in Norway: the colours, the crisp air, the hygge factor… so cozy!

My favourite thing to do is simply just walking around on my own and explore. Even if I grew up in this area and have been to Stavanger multiple times, wandering around and getting a bit lost is so nice. I always end up discovering new street-art, cute houses or cozy corners like these:

stavanger norway house hygge

stavanger autumn leafs colours

cozy stavanger autumn sun

stavanger norway autumn colours

stavanger norway cafe hygge

cozy stavanger cafe greenhouse

stavanger norway streetart lava

Stavanger is full of street-art, and the reason for this is the annual independent international contemporary street & urban art festival Nuart. Planning on going for a wander around Stavanger to discover more? You can find a map which helps you locate all of the cool street art around town here.

stavanger norway streetart touscene

stavanger norway streetart

stavanger norway streetart lykke

hygge fika cinnamonbun cozy

But the best part about being home is enjoying little coffee moments with family and friends. Slowing down while taking time to talk and enjoy each others company is so important, and especially since I am living abroad and don’t get to see them that often. Being away makes me appreciate those little hygge moments even more. Also, how delicious does that cinnamon look? I always have to get one while I am home (as well as bring one with me in the luggage.)

And while we talk about autumn hygge, make sure you download this cute list designed by Grand Stories Design if you haven’t already. It is free and also comes as an empty version you can fill in yourself. Find it here.

autumn hygge list ideas cozy

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad


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