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thatscandinavianfeeling airbnb finland interior cozy view

Finland is one of the countries I would love to visit one day, and as soon as I discovered this cozy Nolla cabin in Helsinki on Airbnb I fell in love. Located on the tiny island of Vallisaari, it would be the perfect spot for some relaxing hygge in my eyes. Wouldn’t you agree?

Designed by Finnish designer Robin Falck, Nolla (which means zero) is a 9m2 wooden cabin that represents an approach to living, where the focus is more on the outdoors. The Nolla cabin is, in essence, an experiment to explore how we could live on less, whilst spending more time enjoying the nature around us. It aims to challenge and inspire visitors to live with a minimal footprint – simultaneously bringing us closer to a carbon neutral world.

The cabin is small; the size of small bedroom, including two camping beds and a stunning view into the archipelago. It also has a small cooking nook, featuring a Wallas stove, that can be used for both cooking and heating, and also runs on Neste MY Renewable Diesel. The electricity supply is generated by solar panels that are attached on the cabin’s roof, and there is not running water so baths take place in the sea. In addition, visitors are encouraged and guided to pursue a zero waste lifestyle while staying at the cabin. The host is available for consultation on matters concerning zero waste food supplies which is such a great touch.

thatscandinavianfeeling airbnb finland interior entrance cozy view

thatscandinavianfeeling airbnb finland interior kitchen cozy view

The cabin does not feature Wi-fi but with such views, who needs the internet, anyway?

thatscandinavianfeeling airbnb finland hygge cozy view

thatscandinavianfeeling airbnb finland window cozy view

The cabin is located in the Helsinki archipelago, on the Vallisaari island, which is a 20-minute boat ride away from Helsinki city centre. Vallisaari is in a nearly natural state and home to hundreds of plant and animal species. Notably, 1000 butterfly species of which a hundred are extremely rare. In addition, it has witnessed an exciting leg of Finnish history. The Nolla cabin and its surroundings on this Nordic island offer an idyllic environment for a relaxing getaway from everyday life. Here, everyone has a chance to wind down and break away from their daily routines and obligations.

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// Photo credit: Neste via Airbnb


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