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On my last trip to Norway I discovered byBrun – a great, new shop in my little hometown Sandnes. It was just the sort of place I love visiting; full of home and interior items in Scandinavian style with a focus on sustainability and promoting smaller, up-and-coming brands you might not have seen elsewhere. I had a lovely chat with the owner Linda who told me more about her shop while sharing some of her tips and advice when it comes to interior styling.

BIO: Linda, 54 years old, is married to Danish Hans Erik. The Norwegian shop owner and artist graduated as a Graphic Design in 2013 and has since focused on collage and graphics. Before that, she worked for several years in the field of IT and accounting in the oil industry while holding creative workshops. She explains that she has always had a big interest in design, art, and architecture. The first house she drew was at the age of 7, however, she never became an architect but it grew into a passion for all things interior.

byBrun linda store interior sandnes

Q1 // Tell us more about byBrun and why you decided to open the store here in Sandnes?

My husband and I love to visit various lifestyle stores whenever we are traveling. Some of the most beautiful shops and experiences we discovered while in Japan, New York and Copenhagen in places like Pigment Tokyo, Chelsea Market, Stilleben etc… We wanted to create a place where the customer would get that same feeling we got when we visited these kinds of places, so as soon as we discovered that these premises in Sandnes would become vacant we saw so many potentials and decided to go for it.

Q2 // What can be found in your store and which Scandinavian brands do you currently stock?

byBrun aim to offer unique products with distinctive origins from all over the world! We sell everything from furniture, interiors, lamps, art, stationary to lifestyle products such as handmade soap, fragrance sticks, tea and chocolate of high quality. Currently, we have a selection of products from Mia Maya Design, Sørheimen, Kodanska, Sonobelight, Simply Flowers, Darling Clementine, Semibasic, Uashmama, Bærepose, Sjælsøe Nordic, Soulosofie, the Nature Witch, Kauniste Finland, Verso Design and more.

Q3 // You have a big focus on smaller brands and unknown artists. Why did you decide to do this?

We want to have things in the store that you cannot find in other stores in the area, items which are a bit unique and a bit out of the ordinary. The hunt for these items and the feeling when you find them is the most fun part of shopping in our eyes. Our customers appreciate that we sell products you might not have seen elsewhere.

byBrun interior lamp interior sandnes

byBrun details things store interior sandnes

Q4 // Your shop is a great place to stop by to find unique and beautiful gifts. What is your advice for someone who is looking for the perfect gift for a Scandinavian design lover?

We are concerned with sustainability and good design. Because of that, we believe that the best gifts are often things that are useful and serve more than one purpose. For example, glass that can withstand heat which can be used for enjoying hot or cold drinks, as a vase or even a tea lights. Or what about a fun mug which can be used on your desk, in the bathroom, to drink coffee or as a flower pot for your favorite cactus.

Q5 // What are your future plans for byBrun?

We want to become even better at what we do! Expand our range with more products, offer more art exhibitions in the gallery are in the store and plan creative workshop events for our customers to take part in.

byBrun pillows store interior sandnes

byBrun details store interior sandnes

Q6 // What do you think is most important to think about when styling your own home? Any personal tips and smart solutions you have discovered?

Follow your heart. I think it is better to not think so much about what is trendy right now but instead focus on items that makes you happy. For me, the ‘less is more’ approach is key but I like to add a bit of humor. If you are decorating with many objects, place them in groups. I collect, for example, ceramic and glass vases. I don’t place them all around, but rather in groups. Because I have a lot of art but no room on the walls of all the pictures in my own home, I use the thin image shelves from Ikea on a long wall which means I can easily change the exhibit when I want something new to look at.

Q7 // Any new furniture & interior trends you are excited about this year?

At the moment I find it exciting to see so many yellow elements. I love yellow and have painted the door in the shop with the yellow colour ‘Boggie Nights’. I also am intrigued by the interessting combination of Japan and Scandinavia that we see more and more: the clean and cold combined with the aesthetic and warm. Otherwise, I like to use a lot of plants and warm textiles in my home, something that is very much needed for us living in the north after a cold winter.

byBrun artwork store interior sandnes

byBrun wall products store interior sandnes

Q8 // How do you like to relax, how do you hygge?

Traveling to the cottage in the mountains, lighting the fireplace after a long walk with my dog in the beautiful Norwegian nature and enjoying hand-brewed coffee and delicious Norwegian chocolate. I also find hygge when I get cut and paste to make art collages.

Q9 // What is That Scandinavian Feeling to you?

Light and airy is probably the first thing that strikes me, even though I know it is not necessarily right. When it comes to Scandinavian interiors, there is a huge difference between which countries you live in and actually whether you are in the country or in the city when it comes to the style.

byBrun design store interior sandnes

byBrun inside store interior sandnes

byBrun shelves store interior sandnes

byBrun artwork wall interior sandnes

byBrun artwork window interior sandnes

If you would like to visit the store, you can find it in Langgata 23 in Sandnes, Norway. Make sure you check out their IG account where you can see the latest addition in the store, and if you do go let me know as I would love to hear what you think!

// Photo credit: Solveig Wulvig


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  1. I’m so happy you came to our store and writing the article, good luck with you renovation. So fun to see the process and can’t wait to see you pictures from your flat when it’s done

    1. Thank you so much Linda, I was so happy to discover your lovely shop and can’t wait to visit it again next time I am home in Sandnes!

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