fika toronto cereal interior

Fika is a Swedish word that means to have a coffee break, the perfect name for this cute cafe located in Toronto. FIKA Café provides a cozy place for people to come and break away from the ordinary with typical Scandinavian treats, coffees and teas. Because in Scandinavia you take your time with the coffee, and if you want to have a coffee break the Scandi way then pastries are a must.

These lovely photos are from the Cereal website, and they show a light space full of character that looks inviting and cozy in that true nordic style. The logo is the dala horse, which was a popular toy for children in the old days but in modern times has become a famous symbol of Sweden and it’s culture.

If you live nearby you should stop by and have a fika with friends here, I know I would!

fika toronto cereal sandwich

fika toronto cereal interior table

fika toronto cereal interior menu

fika toronto cereal coffee

fika toronto cereal interior hej

// Photo credit: Rich Stapleton

Ingrid Opstad

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    January 27, 2017

    Looks really lovely! There’s actually a cafe called Fika here in London too but I thinks they’re temporarily closed due to some redecoration works so I haven’t had a chance to check it yet.

    Mal x

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      Ingrid Opstad

      January 30, 2017

      Hi Mal, yes I know Fika in London – I used to love going there when I lived in London! If you haven’t tried it make sure you do when its open again, but also check out Nordic Bakery for the BEST cinnamon buns and Scandinavian Kitchen too ????