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me&him&you is a design company founded in 2010 by Ronan Dillon and Peter O’Gara based in Dublin, Ireland. I discovered their The City Series while browsing online, and instantly got drawn to their simple yet expressive style.

“Recently many of our friends and family have moved to Hong Kong, New York, London, Paris, Berlin and many other cities all over the world looking for work. We are lucky enough to have been able to visit, sample their signature drinks and be inspired by their new homes.” – me&him&you

These handmade screenprints are all signed in pencil which is such a nice little detail. They are perfect for people with wanderlust, and a great gift for someone who is either wanting to travel to one of these destinations, living there or to remember a special trip. A selection of prints below of places I have been and wanting to go to:

me&him&you Oslo

me&him&you London

me&him&you Paris

me&him&you Dubai

me&him&you Berlin

All images & design by me&him&you
All images & design by me&him&you

Their prints are currently available exclusively in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and on their website which you can find here.


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