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SLOW TRAVEL – my slower approach to traveling in 2020

Let’s talk about slow travel. Just like the pandemic has forced our lives to slow down at home, this year I am also taking a slower, more thoughtful approach to traveling like so many others are doing too.

For me, 2020 is the year to discover places near me. It is not about jumping on an airplane to far away destinations, but instead having a roadtrip to a more remote and relaxing place where I can wander. It is about feeling safe.

What is slow travel?

Slow travel is a mindset that takes you away from the traditional ideas of travel and instead encourage you to soak up your environments fully. It means finding a pace that suits you, whether it is walking, cycling, a roadtrip or taking a journey by rail. It is all about slowing things down, both mentally and physically. It can be a relaxing weekend break in a charming, little city or a hiking adventure in the mountains, as long as your goal is to take things slow.

Traveling slowly gives you the opportunity to really explore the destination you are in and to experience the local culture. It takes off the pressure to tick all those usual tourist hotspots, and helps you instead to focus on the little things. A slower pace means feeling less stressed, and having more time to enjoy ‘the now’. 

Slow is good for your soul. It is important to find time to unplug, unwind and reconnect. Because when we slow down, we get the chance to discover those unique and unforgettable moments that might get overlooked when in a rush.

“A journey is best measured in moments, not miles…” Don’t you agree?

Because there is so much beauty waiting for us just around the corner, and 2020 is the year to really discover those little gems where we feel safe, happy and calm.

A few things to consider:

  1. Explore more remote, quiet locations nearby
  2. Enjoy nature and be active
  3. Stress less – enjoy the little moments
  4. Choose local cuisine and authentic experiences
  5. Immerse yourself in the local culture
  6. Instead of taking an airplane, enjoy a roadtrip or a train-ride 

And most importantly; stay safe <3

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// Video & photo credit: Ingrid Opstad


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