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Who wouldn’t want to spend lazy days at this beautiful sauna in Finland? Löyly, meaning the steam that comes when you throw water on hot stones in a sauna in Finnish, offers visitors a public sauna experience all year round in lovely environments less than two kilometers away from the city centre. With spectacular architecture and a gorgeous view, this is the perfect setting for a relaxing holiday.

Löyly was designed by Avanto Architects and opened May 2016, and quickly became a popular place for both locals and tourists. It has three different saunas, all heated with wood: a continuously heated sauna, a once heated sauna, and a traditional smoke sauna. You can also find a spa area with cold water basin and a fire place room to relax in.

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The oasis also hosts a atmospheric restaurant & bar which compliments the strong architecture of the building with it’s minimal vibe. The main materials used are black concrete, light Scandinavian birch wood, blackened steel and wool, all these materials are durable and long lasting. Outdoors you find a pier where you can take a dip in the sea, and in the winter there is an “avanto” – a hole in the ice for winter swimming.

// Photo credit: Kuvio

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