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Perched on the edge of a hill overlooking the gorgeous Trebbia Valley near Genoa in Italy you will find the Hermitage – a hybridization between a Japanese tea house and a Scandinavian cabin and the perfect spot to find peace.

Designed by the Italian architecture studio Llabb, the cozy Hermitage cabin is a space for contemplation and reflection. A large glass wall overlooking the terrace makes the space luminous and contemplative, allowing visitors to connect deeply with its surroundings. Making you feel isolated from the world, it overlooks a still wild valley and the Apennine mountains, secluded from everything.

The Hermitage is just 12 square metres in size and only contains one single space designed to be used as anything from a yoga studio to a remote office. With lots of natural light coming through along with total silence, it is the perfect setting for peaceful moments.

The simplicity of the modular wooden structure gives you a feeling of being in one with nature. Designed to be completely off-grid, the wooden cabin features photovoltaic panels on the roof, along with a composting toilet and water canisters in the bathroom. Its minimal interior allows for you to work on the long desk or relax on the fold-out bed.

“Simple modularity makes the structure easily scalable and declinable in different compositions”, says Luca Scardulla from Llabb. “The constructive elementality, the minimum impact on the territory and the use of natural materials easily available locally allow the installation to respect the natural context in which similar constructions can be installed. These Hermitages put the human being back in contact with nature by lightening the burden of the anthropization that characterizes the building activity.”

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// Photos: Studio Campo


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